Shakespeare, Sheldon Cooper, and One Chimpanzee

Since you accidentally surfed here you might suddenly be wondering what all this SheldonFan.com hubbub is about, so we're going to tell you.

(Don't leave yet--this is important stuff!)

Last week we bought a chimpanzee that, supposedly, could type out Shakespeare. We were a little skeptical but being what it was, we bought it anyway.

Turns out the chimp can't type Shakespeare. Feed him enough bananas, though, and he's a pigeonhole for articles fit to be posted on a Sheldon Cooper fan site. Way better than any Shakespeare ape. The poor guy who sold it to us didn't have a clue.

"So," we thought, "We've really got something here!"

Hence, the noble effort to honor the greatest thing on television since Spock's hijacking of the Enterprise begins now, with the launch of SheldonFan.com and the corresponding blog here, at SheldonFan.Blogspot.com.

Granted, what we have is just a meager start, but then, we've only got one chimpanzee. Give us a little time as we've got lots of bananas and a whole mess of ideas.

Meanwhile, feel free to peruse the articles and information we have regarding Sheldon and don't miss out on our first guides: Cooper Quality Practical Jokes and Learn Klingon in 24 Hours.

If Twitter is your thing, wander over to our "Sheldon Stalker" and you might be entertained for hours. Or not, but its worth a try.

We have other Sheldon stuff, too. Just look around!

Whatever the case, if you're looking to drink up an obsession over Sheldon Cooper we're going to try and fill your cup. After all, we're Sheldon fans too. Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you around.

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