Bazinga Remix, Eye-Shuh goes Emerald, and Parsons on Sesame

Eye-Shuh Goes Emerald

Wil Wheaton, Stan Lee, and Leonard Nimoy all made appearances at this year's Emerald City Comicon. Working on the show's staff, one of the biggest Sheldon Cooper fans, and one of our favorite bloggers, was on hand to scribble down the highlights. Check out Eye-Shuh's recap of the 2010 Emerald City Comicon when you have the chance!

Elmo Causes a Conniption Fit

If you weren't sure if Jim Parsons had really made it to the big time, all doubt will be erased after we tell you this. Parsons will be appearing on Sesame Street for a "word-of-the-day" segment. Yes, he's gone "Sesame," proving his celebrity status once and for all. In addition, a new Sesame Street character created just for the segment will make a debut!

"He may have a conniption fit," said Parsons about his nephew, who will be attending the taping and will personally meet Elmo and Abby Cadabby.

Cue the Music

While a few "bazinga!" remixes exist, we were recently introduced to a very catchy version we think all of you will enjoy. Also, we located another video containing every Sheldon "bazinga!" that has appeared so far on "The Big Bang Theory." Have a look!


Leonard Nimoy is 'Dream Get' for "The Big Bang Theory" Fans

We've discussed it here in the past. You've discussed it everywhere else. Now, Bill Prady is discussing a Leonard Nimoy appearance on "The Big Bang Theory" with Entertainment Weekly. Prady plans to approach the famous Star Trek star with ideas for a cameo on the show.

"We'll probably make a general inquiry and if there's enough interest, we'll develop a story," Prady said.

Calling a Nimoy cameo the "dream get" for fans of "The Big Bang Theory," it's hard not to wonder if a tie-in with the now iconic "Nimoy Napkin" will be on the table. In arguably one of the most popular episodes during the show's history (season two's, "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"), Penny gave Sheldon a Christmas gift that neither he, nor many of us, have since forgotten--a napkin from the Cheesecake Factory, uniquely stained with DNA as wiped from Leonard Nimoy's mouth.

Pressing Prady for a clue as to a potential tie-in with the "Nimoy Napkin," EW asked if a cloned-Nimoy meeting with Sheldon Cooper could be on the table.

"I think [cloning Nimoy] is even beyond Sheldon's capabilities at this point, although I wouldn't underestimate him," responded Prady.

So, what are the chances Nimoy may even agree to a "The Big Bang Theory" cameo? While it's true that he turned down a season-two offer, Nimoy had been only vaguely aware of the show before "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" episode.

He was later asked to sign one of the Cheesecake Factory napkins for a charity auction and reportedly became quite excited at both the show and the episode's premise, however. Has he become a fan since then? Only Nimoy can say.

Even beyond, Nimoy is not absent from the actor's roll-call. He has made regular appearances as Dr. William Bell on "Fringe" and has lent his illustrious and recognizable voice to several other projects, including 2010's Star Trek Online and as narrator of 2005's popular game, Civilization IV.

Given the obvious desire for a Nimoy appearance, by both the show's producers and fans, it seems likely that he'll have to seriously consider the idea of a "The Big Bang Theory" cameo. Like you, we'll keep our fingers crossed.


The Wheaton Recurrence? Definitely, Maybe ...

By now, most of you know about Wil Wheaton's second coming on "The Big Bang Theory." Not much detail has been released about the episode, but Wheaton did post a link to an image of the script's title page.

Suspiciously enough, the image is no longer appearing, but those who got a peek at it before it went all-busted discovered the episode's name: "The Wheaton Recurrence." So, now you know. Sort of gives one the chills, eh? "The Wheaton Recurrence." Hrrgh!

Wheaton also provided a couple other images of passing and curious interest. The first is presumably that of the door to Wheaton's room at The Big Bang Theory set. The second reveals some of the eating and reading habits of Leonard and Sheldon, as per the living room coffee table.

Be sure to check out Wil Wheaton's blog, WWdN: In Exile, as he relays some of his thoughts and experience regarding the episode and his time making it.


Origin of "Bazinga!" and the One Ring of Sheldon

Klingons, Slang, and the Quest for a "Bazinga!"

Have you been scouring the Internet hoping to figure out the source of Sheldon Cooper's, "Bazinga!"?
Stop your pilfering of Klingon dictionaries and trolling of geeky forums in search of an answer, at least long enough to check out, "The Word Origin of Sheldon Cooper's 'Bazinga!'"

Sheldon Cooper--Drunk Like a Dwarf?

While you might be on a quest for the "Holy Bazinga," it appears "The Big Bang Theory" crew will be starting an epic journey of their own--one involving a drunk Sheldon!

E!Online's Spoiler Chat reveals that our beloved geek gang from the show will, "find the 'Lord of the Rings' ring that's the last one in existence and didn't go to the actors, and it tears us apart like it did in the movie."

A couple, albeit minor spoilers are given alongside but avoid the chat if you don't want to know more about upcoming "The Big Bang Theory" episodes. (NOTE: There is a potential Wil Wheaton spoiler on the page you may not want to see. Just a fair warning!)

New Chuck Lorre Pilot

Daemon's TV is reporting that a new Chuck Lorre pilot will be featured among the 2010/2011 CBS lineup. Titled "Mike and Molly," the show is to feature two over-eaters who meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.

Similar to "The Big Bang Theory," the pilot will be a multi-camera sitcom. Mark Roberts will be writing for the show. Roberts has served as an executive consultant for "The Big Bang Theory" and is a writer and sometimes co-producer for Lorre's other popular sitcom, "Two and a Half Men."


The Big Bang Theory Series Transcripts -- First Season Episodes 07-09

New season one transcripts are available for The Big Bang Theory episodes 07 to 09 at SheldonFan.com.

Brief episode summaries are also now available for the first two seasons, useful if you need a quick overview to locate a specific episode.

If you'd prefer, PDF versions of transcripts are also available for download.

Episode 07: The Dumpling Paradox

Penny becomes the new Halo partner for the guys when Wolowitz finds himself involved in a trist with Penny's visiting friend. The guys find Penny less than reliable, however, as she turns down the next Halo night for an evening out dancing.

Episode 08: The Grasshopper Experiment

Rajesh's parents meddle by setting him up with a childhood friend. He discovers he can talk with women, so long as he has some alcohol in him. Soon, he is treating his parent's setup to an obnoxious evening out.

Episode 09: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization

Leonard and Sheldon butt heads over a research paper that Sheldon has no interest in presenting to those attending a respected conference.



When Klingon Insults Aren't Enough--Evil Wil Wheaton Returns

Creepy Candy Corollary Part Deux?

Wil Wheaton!
(image: Wheaton/wmc)
TV Guide is reporting that Wil Wheaton, Star Trek's Wesley Crusher and arch-nemesis to Sheldon Cooper during The Big Bang Theory's season three episode "The Creepy Candy Corollary," will be making a return to the show.

"Right now we're looking to see if he can come back to give Sheldon a chance to settle the score," said Executive Producer Bill Prady.

What we find equally (or perhaps even more interesting) is Prady's pursuit of a Leonard Nimoy appearance. Of course, some of you know our theory surrounding Sheldon's love life and Nimoy's potential involvement there, but it would be fascinating to see how his appearance might actually play out.

Research Lab -- Version 1.0

Want a better look at Sheldon's "the physics is theoretical but the fun is real" Research Lab game?

Life Magazine has an interesting close-up shot of the game's board and box as part of their showcase regarding last night's "Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Presents An Evening With 'The Big Bang Theory'."

If you're interested, WireImage also has photos of Jim Parsons, Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, and the rest of The Big Bang Theory's main cast from the event. What do you all think of Kaley Cuoco's "Pebbles-Dew?"

New Job For Sheldon's Mom

Laurie Metcalf, three time Emmy winner and "Mom" to Sheldon Cooper, has taken a role starring in the upcoming sitcom pilot "Strange Brew," according to Entertainment Weekly.

The character is described as the "newly sober" still-married matriarch of three children, all of whom work at a local brewery. The sitcom is set to run on FOX-TV though an air date is yet to be announced.

UPDATE: Our mistake. Wil Wheaton appeared in season three's "The Creepy Candy Corollary." Kripke was the target of Sheldon's revenge in "The Vengeance Formulation."

UPDATE II: Check out Wil Wheaton's attitude regarding his arch-nemesis return to The Big Bang Theory.


Kaley Cuoco Bitch Slaps Galecki, Gets Steamy for Maxim

Kaley Almost Kills Co-Star

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory, has had a busy week. Not only did Kaley "almost kill" Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstadter), she belittled him during her retelling of the incident during an interview for the March issue of Maxim magazine.

"I was driving a Vespa in the Dominican Republic with my cast-mate Johnny Galecki on the back like a little bitch. I ran us into a wall and he went flying. I almost killed Johnny Galecki," Cuoco said.

All along we thought Sheldon Cooper was the dangerous driver. Who knew?

What we'd like to know is, Vespa? Really? Then again, faster alternatives probably would've killed Galecki so kudos on that one, Kaley.

On another note, if you're a fan then chances are good that you've already seen the steamy web-shots of Kaley Cuoco's Maxim photo montage. If you haven't seen them, you'll probably want too. Just sayin'.

The Big Bang Theory Busts Out, Kunal Gets Theatrical

The Big Bang Theory shows off its mustang-like nature by busting out new series records, according to Nielson and CBS.

The sitcom posted top numbers among adult viewers ranging in age from 18 to 54 and rode in at fourth place for CBS overall, pulling in a whopping 16.2 million viewers. Which, to put things in perspective, is just a hair below the entire population of the Netherlands (16.4 million).

The Big Bang Theory also came in first among households, beating out Chuck Lorre's other CBS show, Two and a Half Men. CBS further relayed that the show "hit series highs in all key ratings measures."

Kunal Gets Theatrical

Kunal Nayyar, who plays as The Big Bang Theory's mutism-afflicted Rajesh Koothrappali, is set to deliver the keynote speech during the Kennedy Center Theatrical Festival's banquet this Friday.

Hosted this year by the University of Nevada in Reno, the festival attracts theater students and guests from across the country for four days of competition, workshops, and we presume voluminous drinking of Grasshoppers and mingling.

Nayyar is himself a graduate of Philadelphia's Temple University, earning a Masters in Fine Arts before taking up his role on The Big Bang Theory. He also is no stranger to theatrical competition or festivals, having won the Mark Twain Award for comedic brilliance during an American College Theater Festival in 2003.


Sheldon Cooper's Sexy Secret, Big Bang T-Shirts in Europe, and more ...

Shocking, Sexy, Secret ...

Gossip and unfounded speculation are everywhere regarding Sheldon Cooper. Is he gay? Is he straight? Is he something else?

Amidst all the chatter, we at SheldonFan.com have a startling answer sure to upset your understanding of the Caltech brainiac in our revealing expose, Sheldon Cooper's Sex Secret REVEALED!

You really don't want to miss that one.

Sheldon Euro-Tees on the Cheap

Something else recently came to our attention. European fans of Sheldon's suave and geeky fashion sense are often forced to endure ridiculous prices when shipping a shirt across the pond. Between import taxes and shipping costs, a cool t-shirt might actually cost less than the expense to receive it.

In answer, a store specializing in Sheldon Cooper styled clothing has recently opened door in the Netherlands. The result? Those in Europe no longer have to pay an unwieldy sum to get their hands on geeky cotton when they order from Big Bang Shirts.

Save a few bucks and be among the best dressed in Europe? You bet ...

Belarus Rip-Off Artists

Did you catch the vanity card flickering at the end of last week's episode, "The Large Hadron Collision"? If not you might not be aware of Chuck Lorre's dismay over a Belarus TV show titled "The Theorists."

Yeah, it's as bad as you think.

The government owned studio show centers around the antics of Leo and Sheldon. Geeky friends Hovard and Raj enter the picture as well but no, there is no Penny. However, there is a Natasha. Um, bazinga?


Roommates Square Off in The Large Hadron Collision (The Big Bang Theory, Season 3 | Episode 15)

Warning: Episode Spoilers Inside! Read at your own risk!

After Sheldon explains the scientific equivalent of "Neener-Neener," Leonard reveals that Caltech is sending him to the CERN Supercollider in Switzerland. More important, Leonard is allowed to bring a guest. Naturally, the revelation sends Sheldon into fits of ecstasy as he rushes off to begin packing.

Except Leonard isn't taking Sheldon but instead Penny for what he hopes to become a romantic Valentine's Day incursion amidst the Swiss Alps and, you know, visit the Large Hadron Collider.

Leonard arrives home to discover Sheldon enthusiastically packing for the voyage he won't be taking. Sheldon even invites him into his normally off-limits room with a cheerful, "Of course, my good friend. Come in!"

Leonard's revelation that Penny is his intended guest is at first met with disbelief, followed by typical derision. Suddenly, the most interesting collision is not among those at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), but between the Valentine's Day plans of Leonard and the childhood dreams of Sheldon.

"We're going to Switzerland to see the CERN Supercollider. And skiing, we'll also go skiing," Leonard reveals to Penny a short time later.

Her excitement (about the skiing, not the LHC) is quickly confronted by Sheldon. Fingering the pages of Leonard and Sheldon's binder-encased "Roommate Agreement," Sheldon reveals a clause dictating that Leonard is bound to invite him for the trip.

When Leonard still rejects, Sheldon ignores his part of the agreement by engaging in a surprising bit of Tuvan throat singing, at least as his first step in convincing Leonard to change his mind.

After Leonard and Sheldon later engage in a travel game of "Traitor" (in which Sheldon reveals his distaste for Rupert Murdoch because he owns FOX and they cancelled the show Firefly), Sheldon proffers 30 pieces of silverware to Leonard in the cafeteria--a sly reference equating Leonard to Judas Iscariot.

Failing to change Leonard's mind even still, Sheldon attempts a different strategy. Leonard is awoken to a meticulously prepared breakfast in bed, replete with Frodo pancakes and gentle flute playing.

Collapsing plans to kill Leonard with kindness leave Sheldon with only one alternative--bully, embarrass, or otherwise arouse pity in Penny. The ploy works and her mercy on Sheldon leads to an ever rare hug from the physicist.

The embrace turns out to be Sheldon's downfall, however. Leonard invites Sheldon to the LHC after Penny becomes ill with the flu only to discover that now, too, Sheldon has fallen sick due to Penny's hug imbued germs.

The episode finale is prompted with the entrance of Leonard and Rajesh, as they make themselves comfortable in a Swiss hotel room.

Leonard's demure is Rajesh's delight--the room is laden with romantic perks including roses and chocolate, all contributing to Rajeh's proclamation that he will never forget the best Valentine's Day he has ever had. 


Jim Parsons Wins 2010 NAB TV Chairman's Award

This year's annual NAB TV Chairman's Award is to be delivered to Jim Parsons in part for his "laugh-out-loud" portrayal of Sheldon Cooper on CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon Cooper is actor Jim Parsons, pictured here.

promo image courtesy of: Warner Bros./Andrew Southam

Parsons will be only the second to obtain the prestigious NAB Award, first given in 2009 to Kelsey Grammer for his work at splitting-sides in hit sitcom "Fraiser." Parsons will receive the award during this year's NAB Show Conference in Las Vegas during mid-April.

"His breakthrough performance has helped revitalize the sitcom genre," said Paul Karpowicz, NAB Television Board Chairman.

Sitcoms have felt the stinging axe of network executives over previous years where performance lags behind newer and frequently more popular formats such as "reality" television. Approximately 85 shows, most of them sitcoms, were canceled during the 2008-2009 season.

By all appearances, Jim Parsons and sitcom The Big Bang Theory have proven that sitcoms can still capture top spots in a network lineup. Currently the show garners almost 16 million viewers each Monday evening.

Many credit Parsons as the central reason for the show's success, and for good reason. Parsons has already seen nominations for an Emmy and a People's Choice Award, signaling that CBS might have some real gold on hand with the actor.

You don't have to tell that to Chuck Lorre, creator and producer of The Big Bang Theory, however.

"[Parsons] was so startlingly good when he read for the part that I asked him back to make sure he hadn't gotten lucky," said Lorre.

Sheldon Hacks Superbowl?

Superbowl Announcer: Tomorrow, the Big Bang Theory's all new ... *Zzzzap*

Yes, it's true. Sheldon hacks the Superbowl and proves that brains really are superior, even when brawn has reached its full yearly frenzy. Besides, what else might we expect a super genius who dislikes football to do? Sweet hacking revenge!

You go, Sheldon.

As a side note, you all probably remember when Sheldon mentioned his sordid past with football during episode 6 of season 3, The Cornhusker Vortex, after Leonard made a "Tier 1" request that Sheldon teach him what he knew of the game.

However, one bit of knowledge you may have forgotten Sheldon possessing (also learned from dear ole' dad) is the ability to "shoot close enough to a raccoon to make it crap itself."

It's just a shame Sheldon didn't use his hacked Superbowl entrance to experiment with that skill on unsuspecting football fans. You know, just to see how many were actually raccoons.


The Big Bang Theory Series Transcripts -- First Season Episodes 04-06

Season One Transcripts are now available for episodes 04 to 06 on SheldonFan.com. If you're interested in quote mining some gold from Sheldon's verbose past, here is your chance.

Note that PDF versions of transcripts we've prepared are also available for download.

Episode 04: The Luminous Fish Effect

Sheldon's flippant attitude with the new Caltech Department Head causes him to lose his job. After peculiar experiments and even more peculiar behavior follow, Leonard is forced to do the only thing he can--call Sheldon's mother.

Episode 05: The Hamburger Postulate

Leonard finds love, but not with Penny from across the hall. The romance is nothing but disturbing for roommate physicist Sheldon who can't figure out how to handle the situation.-

Episode 06: The Middle Earth Paradigm

Penny invites all the guys over to a costumed Halloween party, but the geek squad encounters more than they expect from the social gathering.



Tampa Comic Con, Stan Lee, and The Big Bang Theory

It isn't "New Comic Book Wednesday" but plenty lingers in the air for comic book and Sheldon Cooper obsessed fans alike.

Tampa Comic Con

Starting today, and today only, the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa is sponsoring the first ever Tampa Comic Con.

Of particular interest to comic book and Sheldon Cooper fans at the conference are guest appearances by both Pat Broderick and Drew Geraci.

Broderick, for his part, is a Tampa native who grew up to become a well-known comic book illustrator naming the Green Lantern--a clear Sheldon favorite--as one of his career highlights.

Maybe you, like Sheldon, are also a card carrying member of the Justice League of America? If so, there is a good chance you've eye-balled the inking of Drew Geraci at one place or another (and not just with Justice League prints).

You might be happy to know that the Tampa Comic Con is also a toy convention, so for a mere $12 admission you can blast a hole through your wallet with both comic books and cool toy robots during a day of blissful geekdom.

Stan Lee & The Big Bang Theory

As if that isn't enough, and for those who haven't heard, comic book legend Stan Lee (creator of Spider Man, X-Men, Iron Man, and dozens more) will make a guest appearance on the upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory, The Excelsior Acquisition, to both the delight and chagrin of Sheldon.

If you want a behind the scenes sneak peek at the new episode in which the lives of Stan Lee and Sheldon irrevocably collide, have a look at the following video.

Be warned, massive episode crushing SPOILERS lurk inside the video! 

Seriously, you may want to watch this one after the episode airs in March. We know, it is a bit like putting Howard in a room filled with gorgeous women, but you can resist, right?

Don't forget to visit SheldonFan.com for more Sheldon Cooper goodies!

Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon Cooper) Gets Naked?

To fight cancer? You bet he (almost) does! 

In a brilliant and hilarious showcase of costume quick-change, Jim Parsons teased the camera with 30 different character portraits during a music video for StandUp2Cancer.org. From Goth kid to nearly naked swimsuit model, Parsons hammed it up for the non-profit in an effort to raise both awareness and chuckles like only he could. 

Parsons' SU2 video was written and directed by the Selwyn brothers who, you might already be familiar, also created the hilarious "White People Problems" video that went viral a short while back.

According to Parsons, filming of the music video took 12 hours and he got to keep some of the very amusing and sometimes slim-fitting costumes. Lucky him! Lucky Us!

Parsons is the most recent in a string of recent celebrity videos made for the anti-cancer organization, including videos from Rob Lowe and Renee Zellweger, but clearly his is pure gold. 

StandUp2Cancer uses funds raised to support investigatory science "dream teams" engaged in a literal fight against cancer. Money donated goes to these dream teams 100%--they keep nothing for overhead or expenses including for things such as the production of this fun-for-good-cause music video. 

That is as awesome as a nearly naked Jim! Which, by the way, is just a click-away below. Check in out!

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Do You Know Who Plays Sheldon Cooper?

We're all familiar with that lovable, fanatically smart Caltech genius on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, but you might be wondering--who is that incredibly magnetic guy playing the role of Sheldon?

Meet Jim Parsons (or James Joseph Parsons), Texas born American actor and now Emmy nominated star of The Big Bang Theory. His charm and complete ownership of the character lure nearly 16 million television viewers each week, all who tune in to ... (read more)

The Big Bang Theory Series Transcripts -- First Season Episodes 01-03

Consider this your "heads up!" that transcripts for the first three episodes of The Big Bang Theory, season one, are now available on the wesite! Each episode also features a downloadable and searchable PDF if you'd prefer not to browse them via the SheldonFan.com website.

For the moment, the PDFs are also the only way to search for quotes or tidbits you might be interested in finding. We're hoping the website is indexed soon so that full search features, for both the site and transcripts, will become functional.

Sorry, we're just that brand new!

We're also working hard to get more transcripts complete--slavishly watching the episodes over and over. (It is terrible work! *cough*)

In the meantime, we'd love feedback from you about the format of the transcripts as they appear on the SheldonFan.com website. Love it? Hate it? Hard to read or just perfect? Let us know!

For those interested, the first three episodes (with complimentary Sheldon quotes ... you're welcome) are:

S01E01: Pilot -- "I don't know what your odds are in the world as a whole, but as far as the population of this car goes? You're a veritable Mack Daddy."

S01E02: The Big Bran Hypothesis -- "Well, we don't have a dolly, or lifting belts, or any measurable upper body strength."

S01E03: The Fuzzy Boots Corollary --"When I learn that I'm a robot, would I be bound by Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics?"



Sheldon Struggles in The Einstein Approximation (The Big Bang Theory, Season 3 | Episode 14)

Warning: Episode Spoilers Inside! Read at your own risk!

This episode of The Big Bang Theory, The Einstein Approximation, finds Sheldon struggling with a heady problem that devolves into a row of sleepless nights and ongoing anguish for the Caltech genius.

Soon, no one can escape Sheldon's obsessive pursuit of the answer as to "why electrons behave as if they have no mass when traveling through a graphene sheet." We all know that a graphene sheet is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a flat, atomic-thick honeycomb lattice. Common knowledge, right?

For Sheldon's quest, however, the problem is transposed into peas and lima beans stolen from Leonard and Rajesh's cafeteria lunch, arranged as electrons and carbon atoms respectively. Howard can keep his useless corn.

When lunchroom side dishes fail him, Sheldon is forced into using marbles spread across his apartment living room floor. They prove to be a slip hazard to Leonard and Penny but not a resolution to the mass-less electron puzzle.

With Sheldon still absent an explanation for the quirky electrons, Leonard and Penny find themselves roused in the middle of the night by Leonard's spooky, Joker cackling cell phone ring tone. A security guard at a local children's fun stop telephoned after encountering a possessed Sheldon chest deep in the store's ball pit of fun.

Why, you might ask? The balls are bigger, and therefore better representations of carbon atoms. You didn't really think it was just a playful fit, did you?

Sheldon's hope of finding use in the plastic "carbon" balls is dashed when Leonard arrives intent on taking him back to the apartment. The task isn't quite so easy, however, and Sheldon manages several "Bazinga!" moments as he swims through the ball pit like a flighty mole under a summer garden, occasionally popping his head above the plastic earth to announce his most recent escape.

Leonard finally succeeds in returning Sheldon home, but not in avoiding more misery. He and Penny are once again stirred from sleep, this time by Sheldon's need to confer a revelation. No, not by laying bare the solution to his graphene nightmare but with a new idea that he believes will.

Menial labor is the answer. That is to say, some ongoing occupation meant to entangle his brain's basal ganglia with mundane trivialities found in routine. A bit like Einstein at the patent office, his model for the solution to finding the solution (and source for this episode's title, The Einstein Approximation).

The next morning, Sheldon races after his Einstein-born eureka by visiting a local job service, seeking work "building monuments" and generally stupefying the clerk assigned to help him. As you might suppose, the endeavor doesn't end well.  Failure at the job service isn't enough to halt the compulsive geis possessing Sheldon, however.

Sheldon next appears, wrapped in a kitchen apron and collecting dirty dishes, as the newest bus boy at Penny's Cheesecake Factory.

Penny, naturally surprised that Sheldon was able to get the job, discovers that he merely donned himself for the role and started to work--no need for the annoyance of actually being "hired". Occupational drudgery is what Sheldon is after, not a paycheck, after all.

Ultimately, Sheldon's plan succeeds through an accident involving shattered dishes. Insight from the broken dinnerware causes him to recognize his problem electrons to be moving through the sheet as a wave, not as particles, giving him final solace for his graphene perplexity.

Or maybe not. The show hilariously ends with Sheldon and Leonard once again engaged in a midnight game of "catch me if you can" amidst the colorful plastic ball pit. Bazinga!

Don't forget to visit SheldonFan.com for more Sheldon Cooper goodies.