Tampa Comic Con, Stan Lee, and The Big Bang Theory

It isn't "New Comic Book Wednesday" but plenty lingers in the air for comic book and Sheldon Cooper obsessed fans alike.

Tampa Comic Con

Starting today, and today only, the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa is sponsoring the first ever Tampa Comic Con.

Of particular interest to comic book and Sheldon Cooper fans at the conference are guest appearances by both Pat Broderick and Drew Geraci.

Broderick, for his part, is a Tampa native who grew up to become a well-known comic book illustrator naming the Green Lantern--a clear Sheldon favorite--as one of his career highlights.

Maybe you, like Sheldon, are also a card carrying member of the Justice League of America? If so, there is a good chance you've eye-balled the inking of Drew Geraci at one place or another (and not just with Justice League prints).

You might be happy to know that the Tampa Comic Con is also a toy convention, so for a mere $12 admission you can blast a hole through your wallet with both comic books and cool toy robots during a day of blissful geekdom.

Stan Lee & The Big Bang Theory

As if that isn't enough, and for those who haven't heard, comic book legend Stan Lee (creator of Spider Man, X-Men, Iron Man, and dozens more) will make a guest appearance on the upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory, The Excelsior Acquisition, to both the delight and chagrin of Sheldon.

If you want a behind the scenes sneak peek at the new episode in which the lives of Stan Lee and Sheldon irrevocably collide, have a look at the following video.

Be warned, massive episode crushing SPOILERS lurk inside the video! 

Seriously, you may want to watch this one after the episode airs in March. We know, it is a bit like putting Howard in a room filled with gorgeous women, but you can resist, right?

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