The Big Bang Theory Series Transcripts -- First Season Episodes 04-06

Season One Transcripts are now available for episodes 04 to 06 on SheldonFan.com. If you're interested in quote mining some gold from Sheldon's verbose past, here is your chance.

Note that PDF versions of transcripts we've prepared are also available for download.

Episode 04: The Luminous Fish Effect

Sheldon's flippant attitude with the new Caltech Department Head causes him to lose his job. After peculiar experiments and even more peculiar behavior follow, Leonard is forced to do the only thing he can--call Sheldon's mother.

Episode 05: The Hamburger Postulate

Leonard finds love, but not with Penny from across the hall. The romance is nothing but disturbing for roommate physicist Sheldon who can't figure out how to handle the situation.-

Episode 06: The Middle Earth Paradigm

Penny invites all the guys over to a costumed Halloween party, but the geek squad encounters more than they expect from the social gathering.


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