Sheldon Hacks Superbowl?

Superbowl Announcer: Tomorrow, the Big Bang Theory's all new ... *Zzzzap*

Yes, it's true. Sheldon hacks the Superbowl and proves that brains really are superior, even when brawn has reached its full yearly frenzy. Besides, what else might we expect a super genius who dislikes football to do? Sweet hacking revenge!

You go, Sheldon.

As a side note, you all probably remember when Sheldon mentioned his sordid past with football during episode 6 of season 3, The Cornhusker Vortex, after Leonard made a "Tier 1" request that Sheldon teach him what he knew of the game.

However, one bit of knowledge you may have forgotten Sheldon possessing (also learned from dear ole' dad) is the ability to "shoot close enough to a raccoon to make it crap itself."

It's just a shame Sheldon didn't use his hacked Superbowl entrance to experiment with that skill on unsuspecting football fans. You know, just to see how many were actually raccoons.

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