Jim Parsons Wins 2010 NAB TV Chairman's Award

This year's annual NAB TV Chairman's Award is to be delivered to Jim Parsons in part for his "laugh-out-loud" portrayal of Sheldon Cooper on CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon Cooper is actor Jim Parsons, pictured here.

promo image courtesy of: Warner Bros./Andrew Southam

Parsons will be only the second to obtain the prestigious NAB Award, first given in 2009 to Kelsey Grammer for his work at splitting-sides in hit sitcom "Fraiser." Parsons will receive the award during this year's NAB Show Conference in Las Vegas during mid-April.

"His breakthrough performance has helped revitalize the sitcom genre," said Paul Karpowicz, NAB Television Board Chairman.

Sitcoms have felt the stinging axe of network executives over previous years where performance lags behind newer and frequently more popular formats such as "reality" television. Approximately 85 shows, most of them sitcoms, were canceled during the 2008-2009 season.

By all appearances, Jim Parsons and sitcom The Big Bang Theory have proven that sitcoms can still capture top spots in a network lineup. Currently the show garners almost 16 million viewers each Monday evening.

Many credit Parsons as the central reason for the show's success, and for good reason. Parsons has already seen nominations for an Emmy and a People's Choice Award, signaling that CBS might have some real gold on hand with the actor.

You don't have to tell that to Chuck Lorre, creator and producer of The Big Bang Theory, however.

"[Parsons] was so startlingly good when he read for the part that I asked him back to make sure he hadn't gotten lucky," said Lorre.


  1. Wow, 16 million viewers! That's the entire population of my country, The Netherlands!

  2. Hah! Next time we'll have to mention, "Each Monday, a number of people equal to the entire population of the Netherlands tunes in to ... "

    Considering it that way, I expect it is a startling little figure for someone who lives there. It's significant for the US, even if only 5% of the population or so.

  3. Sheldon is so sexy !!!!!!!:-) I love him so much.