Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon Cooper) Gets Naked?

To fight cancer? You bet he (almost) does! 

In a brilliant and hilarious showcase of costume quick-change, Jim Parsons teased the camera with 30 different character portraits during a music video for StandUp2Cancer.org. From Goth kid to nearly naked swimsuit model, Parsons hammed it up for the non-profit in an effort to raise both awareness and chuckles like only he could. 

Parsons' SU2 video was written and directed by the Selwyn brothers who, you might already be familiar, also created the hilarious "White People Problems" video that went viral a short while back.

According to Parsons, filming of the music video took 12 hours and he got to keep some of the very amusing and sometimes slim-fitting costumes. Lucky him! Lucky Us!

Parsons is the most recent in a string of recent celebrity videos made for the anti-cancer organization, including videos from Rob Lowe and Renee Zellweger, but clearly his is pure gold. 

StandUp2Cancer uses funds raised to support investigatory science "dream teams" engaged in a literal fight against cancer. Money donated goes to these dream teams 100%--they keep nothing for overhead or expenses including for things such as the production of this fun-for-good-cause music video. 

That is as awesome as a nearly naked Jim! Which, by the way, is just a click-away below. Check in out!

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  1. Fantastic and Classic!!

  2. Love this video! Seriously, who could not love this guy? Love your blog and website :)

  3. love this guy without reason

  4. I am madly in love with Jim Parsons!