The Wheaton Recurrence? Definitely, Maybe ...

By now, most of you know about Wil Wheaton's second coming on "The Big Bang Theory." Not much detail has been released about the episode, but Wheaton did post a link to an image of the script's title page.

Suspiciously enough, the image is no longer appearing, but those who got a peek at it before it went all-busted discovered the episode's name: "The Wheaton Recurrence." So, now you know. Sort of gives one the chills, eh? "The Wheaton Recurrence." Hrrgh!

Wheaton also provided a couple other images of passing and curious interest. The first is presumably that of the door to Wheaton's room at The Big Bang Theory set. The second reveals some of the eating and reading habits of Leonard and Sheldon, as per the living room coffee table.

Be sure to check out Wil Wheaton's blog, WWdN: In Exile, as he relays some of his thoughts and experience regarding the episode and his time making it.


  1. "Not much detail has been released about the episode..."

    i know what happens... *dramatic music*

  2. Aren't you all mysterious, with your dramatic music and your ... your, Internet anonymity.

    Seriously though, a bit more has come out since the end of February, enough to be considered a major spoiler by some. If you've got info you'd like to share, let us know! :)

  3. Haha, just seen the Episode, it's really cool! Especially the phrase "You're the Internet Explorer to my Firefox". That's how nerdy it gets!

  4. Wil Wheaton first appeared in the Rob Reiner movie, "Stand By Me", but then he grew up....I've not been impressed with his acting on BBT, he seems stilted and uses excessive facial expressions to "act" like the character of Wil Wheaton. How odd is playing yourself? I suppose anyone might have a problem pulling it off....