Leonard Nimoy is 'Dream Get' for "The Big Bang Theory" Fans

We've discussed it here in the past. You've discussed it everywhere else. Now, Bill Prady is discussing a Leonard Nimoy appearance on "The Big Bang Theory" with Entertainment Weekly. Prady plans to approach the famous Star Trek star with ideas for a cameo on the show.

"We'll probably make a general inquiry and if there's enough interest, we'll develop a story," Prady said.

Calling a Nimoy cameo the "dream get" for fans of "The Big Bang Theory," it's hard not to wonder if a tie-in with the now iconic "Nimoy Napkin" will be on the table. In arguably one of the most popular episodes during the show's history (season two's, "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"), Penny gave Sheldon a Christmas gift that neither he, nor many of us, have since forgotten--a napkin from the Cheesecake Factory, uniquely stained with DNA as wiped from Leonard Nimoy's mouth.

Pressing Prady for a clue as to a potential tie-in with the "Nimoy Napkin," EW asked if a cloned-Nimoy meeting with Sheldon Cooper could be on the table.

"I think [cloning Nimoy] is even beyond Sheldon's capabilities at this point, although I wouldn't underestimate him," responded Prady.

So, what are the chances Nimoy may even agree to a "The Big Bang Theory" cameo? While it's true that he turned down a season-two offer, Nimoy had been only vaguely aware of the show before "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" episode.

He was later asked to sign one of the Cheesecake Factory napkins for a charity auction and reportedly became quite excited at both the show and the episode's premise, however. Has he become a fan since then? Only Nimoy can say.

Even beyond, Nimoy is not absent from the actor's roll-call. He has made regular appearances as Dr. William Bell on "Fringe" and has lent his illustrious and recognizable voice to several other projects, including 2010's Star Trek Online and as narrator of 2005's popular game, Civilization IV.

Given the obvious desire for a Nimoy appearance, by both the show's producers and fans, it seems likely that he'll have to seriously consider the idea of a "The Big Bang Theory" cameo. Like you, we'll keep our fingers crossed.


  1. At Emerald City Comicon, Leonard Nimoy was asked about this! He said that he wasn't opposed to the idea, and laughed about being asked to give them a napkin that he used! XD

    The way he was talking about it, it sounded like he would probably do a cameo if asked by the show. :)

  2. Interesting, Eye-Shuh!

    It's hard not to suspect that the arrangements have already been made--all that remains is PR and the long wait until next season. :)

  3. Don't forget Nimoy did a appearance on a CBS comedy sitcom. Anybody remember Becker with Ted Danson - Nimoy was quite funny as a college professor Emmett Fowler.