Bazinga Remix, Eye-Shuh goes Emerald, and Parsons on Sesame

Eye-Shuh Goes Emerald

Wil Wheaton, Stan Lee, and Leonard Nimoy all made appearances at this year's Emerald City Comicon. Working on the show's staff, one of the biggest Sheldon Cooper fans, and one of our favorite bloggers, was on hand to scribble down the highlights. Check out Eye-Shuh's recap of the 2010 Emerald City Comicon when you have the chance!

Elmo Causes a Conniption Fit

If you weren't sure if Jim Parsons had really made it to the big time, all doubt will be erased after we tell you this. Parsons will be appearing on Sesame Street for a "word-of-the-day" segment. Yes, he's gone "Sesame," proving his celebrity status once and for all. In addition, a new Sesame Street character created just for the segment will make a debut!

"He may have a conniption fit," said Parsons about his nephew, who will be attending the taping and will personally meet Elmo and Abby Cadabby.

Cue the Music

While a few "bazinga!" remixes exist, we were recently introduced to a very catchy version we think all of you will enjoy. Also, we located another video containing every Sheldon "bazinga!" that has appeared so far on "The Big Bang Theory." Have a look!


  1. Did I mention that Nimoy said that he would probably be willing to do a BBT appearance if asked? Even if I did: Holy crap Nimoy would do a BBT appearance if someone asked him!

  2. Can we get that has a ring tone

  3. Cool remix, can't wait for his appearance on David Letterman this week. I just picked up this cool Sheldon Bazinga shirt for only $10 Bazinga T-Shirt

  4. He is the well talented actor. I watch Big Bang Theory TV Show only to watch his comedy. He is the soul and the main attraction of this show. I like the video. Its wonderful.

  5. Bazinga! - I love the mixx, you should check out etsy for some pretty sweet Bazinga shirts.

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  8. My Wife and I just recently started watching The Big Bang Theory. We made our way through seasons one and two and have now begun season three. Sheldon Cooper may be the funniest character on television. We are enjoying this show immensely!

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