The Big Bang Theory Busts Out, Kunal Gets Theatrical

The Big Bang Theory shows off its mustang-like nature by busting out new series records, according to Nielson and CBS.

The sitcom posted top numbers among adult viewers ranging in age from 18 to 54 and rode in at fourth place for CBS overall, pulling in a whopping 16.2 million viewers. Which, to put things in perspective, is just a hair below the entire population of the Netherlands (16.4 million).

The Big Bang Theory also came in first among households, beating out Chuck Lorre's other CBS show, Two and a Half Men. CBS further relayed that the show "hit series highs in all key ratings measures."

Kunal Gets Theatrical

Kunal Nayyar, who plays as The Big Bang Theory's mutism-afflicted Rajesh Koothrappali, is set to deliver the keynote speech during the Kennedy Center Theatrical Festival's banquet this Friday.

Hosted this year by the University of Nevada in Reno, the festival attracts theater students and guests from across the country for four days of competition, workshops, and we presume voluminous drinking of Grasshoppers and mingling.

Nayyar is himself a graduate of Philadelphia's Temple University, earning a Masters in Fine Arts before taking up his role on The Big Bang Theory. He also is no stranger to theatrical competition or festivals, having won the Mark Twain Award for comedic brilliance during an American College Theater Festival in 2003.

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