When Klingon Insults Aren't Enough--Evil Wil Wheaton Returns

Creepy Candy Corollary Part Deux?

Wil Wheaton!
(image: Wheaton/wmc)
TV Guide is reporting that Wil Wheaton, Star Trek's Wesley Crusher and arch-nemesis to Sheldon Cooper during The Big Bang Theory's season three episode "The Creepy Candy Corollary," will be making a return to the show.

"Right now we're looking to see if he can come back to give Sheldon a chance to settle the score," said Executive Producer Bill Prady.

What we find equally (or perhaps even more interesting) is Prady's pursuit of a Leonard Nimoy appearance. Of course, some of you know our theory surrounding Sheldon's love life and Nimoy's potential involvement there, but it would be fascinating to see how his appearance might actually play out.

Research Lab -- Version 1.0

Want a better look at Sheldon's "the physics is theoretical but the fun is real" Research Lab game?

Life Magazine has an interesting close-up shot of the game's board and box as part of their showcase regarding last night's "Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Presents An Evening With 'The Big Bang Theory'."

If you're interested, WireImage also has photos of Jim Parsons, Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, and the rest of The Big Bang Theory's main cast from the event. What do you all think of Kaley Cuoco's "Pebbles-Dew?"

New Job For Sheldon's Mom

Laurie Metcalf, three time Emmy winner and "Mom" to Sheldon Cooper, has taken a role starring in the upcoming sitcom pilot "Strange Brew," according to Entertainment Weekly.

The character is described as the "newly sober" still-married matriarch of three children, all of whom work at a local brewery. The sitcom is set to run on FOX-TV though an air date is yet to be announced.

UPDATE: Our mistake. Wil Wheaton appeared in season three's "The Creepy Candy Corollary." Kripke was the target of Sheldon's revenge in "The Vengeance Formulation."

UPDATE II: Check out Wil Wheaton's attitude regarding his arch-nemesis return to The Big Bang Theory.

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