The Big Bang Theory Series Transcripts -- First Season Episodes 07-09

New season one transcripts are available for The Big Bang Theory episodes 07 to 09 at SheldonFan.com.

Brief episode summaries are also now available for the first two seasons, useful if you need a quick overview to locate a specific episode.

If you'd prefer, PDF versions of transcripts are also available for download.

Episode 07: The Dumpling Paradox

Penny becomes the new Halo partner for the guys when Wolowitz finds himself involved in a trist with Penny's visiting friend. The guys find Penny less than reliable, however, as she turns down the next Halo night for an evening out dancing.

Episode 08: The Grasshopper Experiment

Rajesh's parents meddle by setting him up with a childhood friend. He discovers he can talk with women, so long as he has some alcohol in him. Soon, he is treating his parent's setup to an obnoxious evening out.

Episode 09: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization

Leonard and Sheldon butt heads over a research paper that Sheldon has no interest in presenting to those attending a respected conference.


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  1. Big Bang Theory running its forth season on CBS. And this is definitely mind blowing series. I cant miss any chance to laugh coz' its full of entertaining show.